Big country, big dreams, Big Sky.

What was once a collection of ranches at the junction of two picturesque mountain streams has become one of America's premier year-round outdoor playgrounds. In the 1960s, venerable NBC Nightly News anchor Chet Huntley first envisioned a golf resort as he rode on horseback through what is now Mountain Meadows. Noting the towering Lone Mountain to the West, the Montana native's vision changed to skiing cold-smoke powder on endless terrain. Big Sky Resort was his vision and the beginning of the most incredible skiing anywhere in the United States was born. The rest is history.

By 1973, Big Sky Resort was opened and immediately renowned for its rich powder and sunny days. Today, Big Sky Resort, along with Moonlight Basin, is more than one of the nation's premier skiing resorts, it's a full-fledged dream vacation destination catering to visitors from the world over who come to savor Southwest Montana's spectacular natural wonders, cobalt-blue skies and uncrowded environs.

Big Sky Country